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TROPOPAUSE Limited Time Shop Open

TROPOPAUSE has opened a limited time shop at Shibuya PARCO PART1 1st Floor. It is also available to get our new and previous booklet CD at there. In this new CD, Nsd and Dasman offer 2 songs. Of course the cloths are beautiful, but also the booklet design is pretty kool too! You have to go and check them out!

#1 “Halsame” by Nsd
#2 “Acum” by Dasman


SoundCloud by Dasman

Dasman has started soundcloud.
Basically he uploads remixes or remastered his old tracks for FREE download!
All tracks are 44.1khz 16bit stereo wave file.
Let`s go and check it out!



“Electro Fog” by Kujun – Dasman Remix

Beautiful drummer and producer Kujun released his new track!
Dasman make a groovy remix on it. Let`s go and check it out!



Kohviradio at Tokyo Vol.3

Here we are now again, welcome to elegant radio streaming by Secai Vol.3!
“Kohviradio.com is a non-commercial Internet-radio founded in 2003 as a sub-project of Estonian indie-label called Kohvirecords. ” -from their site. We love them!
Let`s go and have fun:)




15(Thu) / JULY / 2010
Abstract roots, submeditate. has celebrated their 7th anniversary. Thank you so much! Let’s go and have real fat beatz!



Sweet dreams brought by the sunshine filtering through foliage, with swinging in the best hammock…The beautiful chill out producer “hammock2000” will celebrate their 10th Anniversary and make new color exibition. If you are not having experienced yet, please try and relaxed in it. Recommended!
Special live will be taken place on 19(SAT) June.
Kazuya Nagaya (19:00〜)
SECAI (20:30〜)
Lets go swinging and relaxing!



TROPOPAUSE” opens limited shop at Spiral Aoyama.
DATE/ 19(Mon)〜25(Sun) April at 1F Entrance Showcase of Spiral.


Secai compose tracks under the concept and image of the cloths.
Let`s go and check how it works!


“Hou” releases 2nd album “Matataki”

Our Diva from Miyazaki prefecture “Hou” has released her 2nd album!
These songs are made with people whom she met from her music trip through the years.
Daisuke Namiki played e.guitar, bass and record, mix a song. – #7 “Kagiri”
So comfortable to see how the air goes changing with her singing vibration…
Check it out!


Live info up!

Check the live schedule!
Many gigs in March!


Tiziana Longo Solo Butoh

14(FRI) / FEB / 2010
Tiziana Longo “Solo Butoh” will come at Terpsichore.
Dasman(Takeshi Hiruma) participates as sound composer.