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Sound Workshop at SHIBUYA University

Daisuke Namiki attend to take place a workshop at SHIBUYA University this weekend.
He will share the little knowledge of making track with sampling method, though unfortunately the application has been already closed, it must be fun!


Yaki​-​Läki Versions

Original songs written and recorded by Tenniscoats (Saya & Takashi Ueno) and Pastacas (Ramo Teder) 14-17 October 2011 at Pastacas’ home studio in Teijo, Finland. Remixes, cover and retake made between September 2013 and March 2014. ”Yaki-Läki Versions” LP released by Õunaviks (Estonia), CD by Afterhours (Japan). (sentences from this link) Daisuke Namiki takes part in as a Remixer! http://ounaviks.bandcamp.com/album/yaki-l-ki-versions


Blue Foundation`s Remix album “In My Mind I Am Free Reconstructed” has released! In which Secai took part in remixing “Just a hand”. Check them out and stay tuned!!


We are happy to announce our new release 『 star stalk ep 』info! We made this EP with our friend DJ Auto. The concept of this EP is “One night at somewhere outside party where Auto and Secai plays”. We hope that you will feel some vibration of our outside party with full of stars… Check it out! On sale 7/17(tue) http://starstalkep.web.fc2.com/


Hi there, we are going to release our new EP with DJ Auto! We will take place our release party on 7/16 (mon) . Let`s have a drink and cerebrate together! http://www.unit-tokyo.com/saloon/schedule/2012/07/716_roundabout_2auto_secai_sta.php


submeditate. 9th ANNIVERSARY

It is happy to announce that the Tokyo based dope beats party “submeditate.” will cerebrate their 9th anniversary. The party will take place 24 May 2012 at SALOON Daikanyama Tokyo. Let`s cerebrate and have a drink and dope beats together ! http://www.submeditate.com/next_act.html


Blue Foundation’s new video “Just a Hand”

Our friend, Brooklyn-based electronic/dream pop duo Blue Foundation’s new video “Just a Hand”. The track is from their forthcoming album, In My Mind I Am Free, out May 22nd through Dead People’s Choice Records. Check it out!



17(Thu) / NOV / 2011

From Tokyo underground, abstract beats party submeditate. will come on 17(Thu) / NOV / 2011! It will be the last performance of this year. So everybody come and greet the new year together even it is a little bit fast. Let’s have a drink and real fat beatz till the morning!


Niijima WAX

Other Side Sound System” presents “TENT” at Niijima WAX. Niijima is located 160km away from Tokyo, a beautiful small island 〜 It is hard to believe that Niijima is a part of Tokyo area. Let`s share the beautiful air at the end of this summer! →Check the live info


Live Info Up!

Hi there. New live info up now. Let`s go and have fun!
Next upcoming…
2011/05/5(THU) 地球のこどもの日 ※Daisuke Namiki shows VIDEO work
2011/05/14(SAT) submeditate. 8th ANNIVERSARY feat. JAH-LIGHT SOUND SYSTEM