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Tiziana Longo Solo Butoh

14(FRI) / FEB / 2010
Tiziana Longo “Solo Butoh” will come at Terpsichore.
Dasman(Takeshi Hiruma) participates as sound composer.


Yebisu International Festival for Arts & Alternative Visions
Director Yasunori Ikunishi make an exibition in it. In his team, Daisuke Namiki participates as sound cooperation.


ROOM40 MixTape

Now Tenniscoats is making a mix tape which is going to be released from ROOM40.
Daisuke Namiki participates in it as mixer and beatmaking.


Kohviradio at Tokyo

Hi there, here we are again.
You can check elegant streaming by Secai Vol,1 &2.
“Kohviradio.com is a non-commercial Internet-radio founded in 2003 as a sub-project of Estonian indie-label called Kohvirecords. ” -from their site. We love them!
Let`s go and have fun!