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Daisuke Namiki’s new solo album has been released at 8th of June 2023. Like a diary, my mental sketch has engraved the moment, past and future, every pieces have turned into 7 tracks. Hope that everyone who listen this album having a nice trip and also for these tracks as well. And again, thank you so much for my family and friends !




2019.12.13 FRI “In and out”

Nsd (Daisuke Namiki) will play at “In and out”!
2019.12.13 FRI
In and out
OPEN / START 19:30 DOOR ¥1500 ( with 1 drink )



Kan Togashi


Sziget Festival 2019

2019.8.12 (MON) @ Sziget Festival / Budapest, Hungary
Daisuke Namiki will play at Sziget Festival(Hungary).
Cökxpôn Chill Garden where he plays is amazing organization and the location is also awsome.
This time, he is going to play with DJ sets of SECAI records. Let’s go and have a fantastic music travel together!
More info;https://szigetfestival.com/en/programs#!/p/5620/daisuke-namiki


New Album “AMMONITE” Release on 3 AUG 2016!

Finally we could release our new album “AMMONITE” on 3 AUG 2016 from AFTERHOURS!
Our respectable friends Tenniscoats and Pastacas are taking part in it. They offered brilliant sounds…
Music video by Noriyuki Kimura is online now.

More Info : Please check the details below.


Yaki​-​Läki Versions

Original songs written and recorded by Tenniscoats (Saya & Takashi Ueno) and Pastacas (Ramo Teder) 14-17 October 2011 at Pastacas’ home studio in Teijo, Finland. Remixes, cover and retake made between September 2013 and March 2014. ”Yaki-Läki Versions” LP released by Õunaviks (Estonia), CD by Afterhours (Japan). (sentences from this link) Daisuke Namiki takes part in as a Remixer! http://ounaviks.bandcamp.com/album/yaki-l-ki-versions


Blue Foundation`s Remix album “In My Mind I Am Free Reconstructed” has released! In which Secai took part in remixing “Just a hand”. Check them out and stay tuned!!


Blue Foundation’s new video “Just a Hand”

Our friend, Brooklyn-based electronic/dream pop duo Blue Foundation’s new video “Just a Hand”. The track is from their forthcoming album, In My Mind I Am Free, out May 22nd through Dead People’s Choice Records. Check it out!


TROPOPAUSE Limited Time Shop Open

TROPOPAUSE has opened a limited time shop at Shibuya PARCO PART1 1st Floor. It is also available to get our new and previous booklet CD at there. In this new CD, Nsd and Dasman offer 2 songs. Of course the cloths are beautiful, but also the booklet design is pretty kool too! You have to go and check them out!

#1 “Halsame” by Nsd
#2 “Acum” by Dasman


SoundCloud by Dasman

Dasman has started soundcloud.
Basically he uploads remixes or remastered his old tracks for FREE download!
All tracks are 44.1khz 16bit stereo wave file.
Let`s go and check it out!



“Electro Fog” by Kujun – Dasman Remix

Beautiful drummer and producer Kujun released his new track!
Dasman make a groovy remix on it. Let`s go and check it out!