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2014 Year End Selection

Podcast by Secai Radio streaming now. Enjoy!



Sound Workshop at SHIBUYA University

Daisuke Namiki attend to take place a workshop at SHIBUYA University this weekend.
He will share the little knowledge of making track with sampling method, though unfortunately the application has been already closed, it must be fun!


Yaki​-​Läki Versions

Original songs written and recorded by Tenniscoats (Saya & Takashi Ueno) and Pastacas (Ramo Teder) 14-17 October 2011 at Pastacas’ home studio in Teijo, Finland. Remixes, cover and retake made between September 2013 and March 2014. ”Yaki-Läki Versions” LP released by Õunaviks (Estonia), CD by Afterhours (Japan). (sentences from this link) Daisuke Namiki takes part in as a Remixer! http://ounaviks.bandcamp.com/album/yaki-l-ki-versions